Stefano Vigogna

Assistant Research Professor

Krieger 411
Curriculum Vitae

I am an Assistant Research Professor in the Department of Mathematics at Johns Hopkins University. I completed my PhD at the University of Genova in 2015, under the direction of Filippo De Mari and Ernesto De Vito, with a thesis on reproducing representations and frames. From January 2015 until June 2016 I was a Visiting Assistant Professor at Duke University, with offices in the Department of Mathematics and the Information Initiative at Duke (iiD). Both at Duke and Hopkins, I am a member of Mauro Maggioni’s research group.

I have been working in Abstract and Applied Harmonic Analysis, Data Analysis and Machine Learning. My research interests include harmonic analysis, multiscale representations of high-dimensional data, regression on manifolds and model reduction.
I was instructor of Advanced Calculus at Duke University in Spring 2016. At Hopkins I taught Calculus I (AS.110.106) in Spring 2017, and Honors Linear Algebra (AS.110.212) in Fall 2017. I am also an organizer for the Data Seminar.