Monday April 11 Special Colloquium

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Monday April 11 at 3:00PM in Schafler Auditorium (Bloomberg 272)

Prof. Gregory Moore (Rutgers University)

Title: d=4, N=2 Field Theory And Physical Mathematics

Abstract: I will review some background material on d=4, N=2 field theories, focusing on the quantum states known as “BPS states.” These states have played an important role in the vigorous give-and-take between some fields of mathematics and theoretical particle physics for over twenty years. I will say something about the phenomenon of “BPS state wall-crossing,” and explain a little bit about how the BPS spectrum can be computed in a subset of d=4, N=2 field theories known as “theories of class S.” I will indicate briefly just a few of the mathematical applications of the methods that have been developed for computing the BPS spectrum.