Proctor and Exam Information

Students enrolled in online math summer courses will be required to take proctored exams. Students must submit the proctor form for approval at least one week before the first exam. The student must select a proctor to administer, supervise, and authenticate that exams were taken by the student according to guidelines established by Johns Hopkins University. All proctors must be approved by the Department of Mathematics. If you do not have an approved proctor, you will not receive credit for your exams.

There are two midterms and a final exam for each course. With students in different time zones and proctors available at different times, exams can be scheduled on the Thursday of the exam week through 5:00 pm eastern stand time on the Saturday of the exam week. Proctors will be provided with information for administering and returning exams.

The JHU Department of Mathematics will also administer exams on campus on Saturday mornings. Students taking the exams on campus do not need to submit a proctor form.

An exam proctor will receive Test Verification Instructions with each exam, supervise the exam, and authenticate that the exam was taken by the student registered for the course. The proctor will return the Test Verification Form and completed exam to the Department of Mathematics.

Acceptable proctors:

  • Principal or superintendent of educational service region, school, or district, either public or parochial
  • Dean, academic department head, extension or correspondence administrator, registrar, or official testing service of an accredited university or college
  • Education officer (armed services personnel only)
  • Testing Center
  • Full-time high school or college instructor or librarian
  • Corporate education director
  • Supervisor or Lab Instructor of a summer job or internship
  • Online course instructor

Your proctor cannot be related to you in any way or be chiefly a friend. It is not necessary that you know your proctor—many students meet their proctor for the first time when they approach them about proctoring. Please note that any compensation to the proctor is strictly between students and the proctor. The JHU mathematics program does not compensate proctors.