News & Announcements

October 25-27: Category Theory OctoberFest

Category Theory OctoberFest is an informal meeting, covering all areas of category theory and its applications. It is traditionally held in October. Octoberfest 2019 will be hosted at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland, over the last weekend of October.

December 7-8: Johns Hopkins Junior Number Theory Days 2019

The Johns Hopkins Junior Number Theory Days are a two-day workshop in Number Theory, where the speakers are either PhD students who are graduating, or post-docs who recently graduated. It aims to bring together strong, promising young researchers in Number Theory and neighboring fields, and to give them an opportunity to showcase their work.

November 9: Algebra and Number Theory Day (Fall 2019)

The Fall 2019 Algebra and Number Theory Day will be held on Saturday, November 9, 2019 at The University of Maryland, College Park. The speakers will be Henri Darmon (McGill), Mark Andrea de Cataldo (Stony Brook), Akhil Mathew (Chicago/IAS), Evangelia Gazaki (Virginia), and Hang Xue (Arizona).