Qualifying Exams

Core Qualifying Exams

The core qualifying exams consist of two written exams, one in algebra and one in combined real analysis and complex analysis. These are two- to three-hour exams covering the core material in each subject. The exams are administered twice a year, in September and May. Exams may be taken one at a time. Entering students are invited to attempt the September exams in their first year. Both exams must be passed by September of the second year.

Fall 2023 Exams

Analysis: Tuesday, August 29, 12:00 noon- 3:00 pm.

Algebra: Thursday, August 31, 12:00 noon.- 3:00 pm.

Spring 2023 Exams

Analysis: Tuesday, May 9, 12:00 noon- 3:00 pm.

Algebra: Thursday, May 11, 12:00 noon.- 3:00 pm.

Major Oral Exam

In addition to the core qualifying exams, there is an oral major exam in the intended area of research. Examining committees consist of two faculty members (including the intended adviser). The intended adviser will determine in advance the exam material and the second committee member. Students have two attempts to pass this exam. The major exam must be passed by April 8 of the third year.