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Who Can Take an Online Math Course at JHU?

Fall and Spring online courses are open to any student who is not a JHU KSAS or WSE undergraduate.  Current JHU undergraduates can only enroll in online math courses during the summer or January sessions.

Visiting students are welcome to enroll in any online course. High school or pre-college students are also welcome to enroll.  These courses display college readiness and earn the student credit to transfer. Graduate students or adult students looking to advance in their career, test the waters after a period away from the classroom, or just wanting to kick their brains into gear, are welcome to enroll as well.

Registration for Summer 2020 is now closed.

Fall 2020

All Fall and Spring courses follow the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences academic calendar. Fall courses begin Monday, August 31 2020. The last day to register for the Fall session is Friday, September 11th. All online courses are 4 credits.

Tuition for courses receiving undergraduate credit is $4060. For courses taken not for undergraduate credit (such as for enrichment, post-bac credit  or placement) tuition is $1500.

To apply for a Fall course, please fill out the Application form.