J Michael Boardman

J. Michael Boardman (1938–2021)

Dr J. Michael Boardman, Professor Emeritus of Johns Hopkins University, a leading expert in the field of mathematics known as homotopy theory, died of natural causes on March 18, 2021 at age 83. Michael came to Johns Hopkins University in 1969 and helped establish the Department of Mathematics as one of the top departments in the nation specializing in homotopy theory.

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Steven Zucker

Steven Zucker (1949–2019)

Steven Zucker, longtime Professor of Mathematics at JHU, died on September 13, 2019 after a long illness. He was 70. A pioneer in the study of L2-cohomology and the variation of Hodge structures, Zucker was on the Hopkins faculty from 1983 to 2019.

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Jun-ichi Igusa

Jun-ichi Igusa (1924–2013)

Jun-ichi Igusa, a pioneering researcher in number theory and algebraic geometry who developed what later became known as Igusa local zeta functions, Igusa curves, Igusa cusp forms, and other important mathematics concepts, died on November 24, 2013 at a Baltimore nursing home. He was 89. Igusa worked at Johns Hopkins University since 1955 until his retirement as a Professor Emeritus in 1993. He was the founding director of the Japan-U.S. Mathematics Institute.

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Jean-Pierre Meyer

Jean-Pierre Meyer (1929–2013)

Jean-Pierre Meyer, professor emeritus in the Department of Mathematics at Johns Hopkins, died on April 24, 2013. He was 83. Meyer came to Johns Hopkins in 1957, where his career in the Department of Mathematics spanned 44 years. He was the leading force in establishing the Japan-U.S. Mathematics Institute.

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