As indicated on your advising to-do list, all undergraduate incoming students are required to complete the Mathematics Placement Process in Canvas by July 1, 2024.  

Here are the steps you need to take:  

  1. Log into the Mathematics Placement site in Canvas with your JHED credentials.
  2. Read through the information modules in Canvas.  
  3. Complete the Math Placement Intake Survey. This survey will inquire about your math background and experiences during high school.  
  4. Based on your responses in the intake survey, you will be directed to the appropriate Math Placement Path tailored to your academic needs and goals.

The Mathematics Placement Exams will appear on Canvas in May 2024. Please report any problems to [email protected].

Even if you are entering with AP or IB credits for calculus, you should still complete the Mathematics Placement Process. AP and IB courses can vary wildly from school to school, and there is a great difference between how we teach calculus in college versus how a typical high school course is taught.

Hopkins’ calculus courses focus on theory and conceptual understanding. Computational fluency is important and can be developed with conceptual understanding, but alone does not provide the needed foundation to move ahead into the next course. Our goal is to make sure that you receive the best recommendation for which course to start in at Johns Hopkins.

Please note: The Mathematics Placement Process is not a means to “pass out” of a particular course, and credits will not be issued, nor a waiver granted solely based on a placement exam score. 

Advising Resources

If you feel you need more advice, please contact the mathematics department’s director of undergraduate studies, Professor Richard Brown.