The Future Scholars Program is an opportunity for high school seniors to take college math classes for credit. Since the program’s inception, we’ve had students from 18 different Baltimore-area schools participate. The Department of Mathematics works with the schools’ counselors and math faculty to target potential participants. Students are able to register for one course per semester without tuition costs. Students are responsible for registration fees, the costs of their textbooks, and parking. Each year up to 10 students are chosen to be Future Scholars.

All high schools in the Baltimore area receive an email with nomination materials around the end of February or beginning of March. Email lists are updated annually, but not all schools list emails. If your school is not receiving this email, you can send your contact information to [email protected]. School counselors and math faculty are asked to nominate junior-level students of exceptional mathematical ability to compete for admission to the program. All nominated students are given a locally proctored qualifying exam to be considered for this highly selective program. Winners are announced in April and the award is offered to the student during his/her senior year of high school study.

Program Features

  • Earn Hopkins University credits while still a senior in high school
  • Bypass the AP system with actual university courses, tuition free
  • Enjoy the advice and mentorship of the mathematics department
  • Transfer your credits to wherever you eventually attend college (subject to the receiving university’s policies)

Course Registration

The Department of Mathematics holds an evening orientation in June for all accepted students. Students meet with the math department’s director of undergraduate studies and the senior academic program coordinator to learn more about the program and start the advising process for course selection. Registration materials will also be given out at this time. Participants can choose up to one undergraduate-level course during each of the two semesters for the next academic year.


All students with motor vehicles must register them with the Parking Office.


Senior Academic Program Coordinator
Department of Mathematics
Krieger Hall, Room 405
[email protected]