News & Announcements

Ziquan Zhuang is awarded a Sloan Research Fellowship

Congratulation to Professor Ziquan Zhuang on being awarded a 2023 Sloan Research Fellowship. Prof. Zhuang is one of 126 outstanding early-career researchers honored this year. He is recognized for his contributions in the field of algebraic geometry.

Emily Riehl Explained Infinity in 5 Levels of Difficulty in a WIRED Video

While the concept of infinity may seem mysterious, mathematicians have developed processes to reason the strange properties of infinity. Professor Emily Riehl has been challenged to explain infinity to 5 different people; a child, a teen, a college student, a grad student, and an expert.

Fei Lu awarded an NSF CAREER grant

Congratulation to Professor Fei Lu on being awarded a CAREER grant from the NSF. Prof. Lu's award project, titled “Learning kernels in operators from high-dimensional data: scalable algorithms, theory, and applications”, aims to develop a unified computational approach for the nonparametric learning of kernels/functions in operators from high- or infinite-dimensional data, and introduce scalable algorithms with performance guarantees in a variational framework.