Deciding which mathematics course is appropriate for you to take in your first semester here at Hopkins is a process that takes into account your current training and aspirations, as well as your desires and abilities. 

Unless the choice for you is absolutely clear, it is best to seek the help of your respective school’s advisers in the KSAS Office of Academic Advising, the WSE Office of Undergraduate Advising, and/or the Department of Mathematics in choosing an appropriate first course.

Questions about course content and pre-requisites, as well as how your current mathematics training may prepare you for our courses, should be directed to Dr. Richard Brown, the director of undergraduate studies.

The Department of Mathematics urges every student interested in taking a mathematics class in their first semester at Hopkins to take a placement exam.

If you arrive at Hopkins with mathematics training above the level of Advanced Placement Calculus BC, please seek the advice of the director of undergraduate studies to help you determine how much of this training the university may accommodate as part of your undergraduate degree.

Below is a chart to help you understand some of the criteria we take into account when helping you choose an appropriate first math course. This chart is only a general guide. There may be other factors in your personal situation that may determine which path is the best for you.

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*This course requires either 110.201 Linear Algebra or 110.212 Honors Linear Algebra, either as a prerequisite or a co-requisite. A solid knowledge of linear algebra from other sources will be considered.

**The appropriate IB exam is the “Higher Level,” or “HL Mathematics.” This is the only IB exam that Johns Hopkins will recognize for credit.