William Kelso Morrill Awards

The William Kelso Morrill Award for Excellence in Mathematics was established in the spring of 1995. It is given each year to the graduate student who best displays the traits of Kelso Morrill in his teaching—love of teaching, love of mathematics, and concern for students. 

Kelso Morrill was born in Baltimore in December of 1903, and came to Johns Hopkins as a freshman in 1921. He did both his undergraduate and graduate work in mathematics at Johns Hopkins. Besides loving mathematics, he also loved lacrosse. He played lacrosse for JHU and then he coached Hopkins lacrosse teams, first as assistant coach and then as head coach 1935-1943, 1945, 1946, and 1950. Even after he stopped coaching he continued to help the new coaches. He taught mathematics at Johns Hopkins University for more than 40 years, from his days as a graduate student until the day of his death in April 1968.


The following is a complete list of the winners of the award. The recipients are listed by academic year, with the most recent winners listed first.

  • 2023–2024: Daniel Pezzi
  • 2022–2023:  Lili He
  • 2021–2022:  Caroline VanBlargan
  • 2020–2021:  Tslil Clingman
  • 2019–2020:  Jeff Marino
  • 2018–2019:  Apurva Nakade
  • 2017–2018:  Daniel Ginsberg
  • 2016–2017:  Yakun Xi
  • 2015–2016:  Kalina Mincheva
  • 2014–2015:  John Ross
  • 2013–2014:  Timothy Tran
  • 2012–2013:  John Ross
  • 2011–2012:  Jingzhou Sun
  • 2010–2011:  Caleb Hussey
  • 2009–2010:  Sinan Ariturk
  • 2008–2009: Jonathan Dahl
  • 2007–2008:  Hamid Hezari
  • 2006–2007:  Michael Limarzi
  • 2005–2006:  Siddique Khan and  Thomas Wright
  • 2004–2005:  Christine Breiner and  Hsin-hao Su
  • 2003–2004:  Heather Angelo and  Brian MacDonald
  • 2002–2003:  Brian Dean and  Giuseppe Tinaglia
  • 2001–2002
    First Place: Michael Krebs and  Ann Stewart
    Runner Up: Byungchul Cha
  • 2000–2001
    First Place: Alexandru Tupan
    Runner Up: Matthew Harvey
  • 1999–2000
    First Place: Jason Metcalfe 
    Runner Up: Alexandru Tupan
  • 1998–1999
    First Place: Ramin Takloo-Bighash
    Runner Up: Joshua Neuheisel
  • 1997–1998
    First Place: Diego Socolinsky
    Runner Up: Ramin Takloo-Bighash
  • 1996–1997
    First Place: Steve Zimmer
    Runner Up: Diego Socolinsky
  • 1995–1996
    First Place: Dena Cowen
    Runner Up: Lowell Abrams
  • 1994–1995
    First Place: Satayan Devadoss
    Runners Up: Julio Kovacs, Karen Glenn, and  Deana  Cowen

Professor Joel Dean Awards for Excellence in Teaching

This is an annual award to recognize graduate students and faculty who have exhibited extraordinary performance in teaching undergraduates. The award was initiated by Joel and Monia Dean with the objective of promoting excellence in undergraduate education at the Krieger School and funded by the Joel Dean Foundation created by Professor Dean in 1957.



  • Faculty: Joseph Cutrone
  • Faculty: Ashwin Iyengar
  • Faculty: Daniel Restrepo
  • Graduate TA: Kahnrad Braxton
  • Graduate TA: Su Jin
  • Graduate TA: Shenrong Wang
  • Undergraduate TA: Zach Bahar
  • Undergraduate TA: Katelyn Kociancic


  • Faculty: Emily Brayley
  • Faculty: Xiong Wang
  • Graduate TA: Lam Doan
  • Graduate TA: Sean Owen
  • Graduate TA: Shenrong Wang


  • Faculty: Emily Braley
  • Faculty: Jonah Duncan
  • Graduate TA: Elham Matinpour
  • Graduate TA: Luochen Zhao
  • Undergraduate TA: Katelyn Kociancic


  • Faculty: Marie-Jose Kuffner
  • Faculty: Yifu Zhou
  • Graduate TA: Qingci An
  • Graduate TA: Junyan Zhang
  • Undergraduate TA: Aaron Zoll


  • Faculty: Joel Specter
  • Faculty: Valentin Zakharevich
  • Graduate TA: Benjamin Dees
  • Graduate TA: Caroline VanBlargan
  • Undergraduate TA: Julia Costacurta


  • Faculty: Emily Riehl
  • Faculty: Brian Smithling
  • Graduate TA: Jeff Marino
  • Graduate TA: Keaton Stubis


  • Faculty: James Murphy
  • Faculty: Liming Sun
  • Graduate TA: Keaton Stubis
  • Graduate TA: Vitaly Lorman
  • Undergraduate TA: Emily J. Stoll


  • Faculty: Emily Riehl
  • Faculty: Giovanni Di Matteo
  • Graduate TA: Emmett Wyman
  • Graduate TA: Vitaly Lorman
  • Undergraduate TA: Kyong-A Cho


  • Faculty: Richard Brown
  • Graduate TA: Daniel Ginsberg
  • Graduate TA: Apurva Nakade
  • Undergraduate TA: Mina Farag


  • Faculty: Jesse Gell Redman
  • Graduate TA: Po-Yao Chang
  • Graduate TA: Vitaly Lorman
  • Undergraduate TA: Lauren Icken


  • Faculty: Mihai Tohaneanu
  • Graduate TA: Jordan Paschke
  • Graduate TA: Tianyi Ren
  • Undergraduate TA: Helen Fonda


  • Faculty: Maxim Arap
  • Graduate TA: Chenyang Su


  • Faculty: Jose Gomez
  • Graduate TA: Vitaly Lorman


  • Faculty: Chenghao Chu
  • Graduate TA: John Ross


  • Faculty: Andrew Salch
  • Faculty: Zuoqin Wang
  • Graduate TA: Sarah Novotny
  • Graduate TA: Nicholas Marshburn


  • Faculty: Graeme Wilkin
  • Graduate TA: Joseph Cutrone
  • Graduate TA: Thomas Wright


  • Faculty: Michael Goldberg
  • Graduate TA: Yiefi Chen
  • Graduate TA: Siddique Khan


  • Faculty: Michael Ching
  • Graduate TA: Christine Breiner
  • Graduate TA: Brian MacDonald


  • Faculty: Qiao Zhang
  • Graduate TA: Ann Stewart
  • Graduate TA: Hsin-Hao Su

Other Graduate Student Awards


  • Math Excellence in Teaching Awards:  Joseph Cutrone and  Thomas Wright
  • Krieger School of Arts & Sciences Teaching Assistant Awards:  Joseph Cutrone


Math Excellence in Teaching Awards:  Yefei Chen and  Siddique Khan


Math Excellence in Teaching Awards:  Christine Breiner and  Brian Macdonald


  • Krieger School of Arts & Sciences Teaching Assistant Awards:  Yifei Chen
  • Math Excellence in Teaching Awards:  Ann Stewart and  Hsin-hao Su


  • Teaching Assistantship in Excellence Award:  Ramin Takloo-Bighash
  • Clay Mathematics Institute Liftoff Award:  Ramin Takloo-Bighash